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​Core Philosophy of GROUNDFLOOR


The concept that an adult could move beyond his/her inherent physicality was the reason Fran Lehen found herself studying and working with Carola Trier from 1970 to 1975. Performing Pilates exercises became what she considered the ground floor of movement: discovering the connection between her mind and her body. That nugget of knowledge was not only the seed for GROUNDFLOOR’S specificity, but also its name, and in 1976, Fran opened GROUNDFLOOR in her apartment.


In 2002, Fran handed over the reins to Joie Gregory, who had been with GROUNDFLOOR since 1996. Gradually growing from an apartment to our present spacious studio, GROUNDFLOOR has continued teaching its core premise while never hesitating to add what the fields of physiology and medicine have to offer.


Thirty seven years later, GROUNDFLOOR still has the feeling of home. Our clients range in age from 15 to 87, and our knowledge of the body encompasses all age groups and their specific needs.



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